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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between a 1-use and 3-use kit?

A 1-use kit contains enough consumable materials to teach the unit once to a class of up to 24 students (K–2) or 30 students (3–5). A 3-use kit contain enough consumables (including living materials cards for those kits that have them) to teach the unit to 3 classes of 24 students (K–2) or 30 students (3–5). The number of reusable/non-consumable items does not vary between a 1- and 3-use kit.

How do I redeem living materials cards?

Your living materials sheets will be in a clear shipping envelope adhered to the side of the green tub of the kit (if new) or the side of a brown Carolina box (if a refurbishment).

Example of the Living Materials Shipping Envelope
Shipping Envelope

Remember to keep the additional sheets/sheet sets if you’ve purchased a 3-use kit or refurbishment.

Example of the Living Materials Order Form
Living Materials Order Form

Living materials sheets have a control number you can use to order. Directions for ordering are on the sheet.

I can’t find my living materials card. What do I do?

Call customer service at 800.334.5551 with your order number. They will look up the living materials control number for your specific order.

How do I care for the living materials in the unit?

Care guide information for units that have living materials can be found in Appendix D of the teacher’s guide. If you are using the digital teacher’s guide, this information can be found under the Unit Overview TabUnit ResourcesTeacher Resources → Appendix D: Live Organism Care Guide Downloadable PDF.

Where’s my teacher’s guide?

Spiral-bound teacher’s guides are found within the green crate that has the item number in this format: XXXXXX-1. Teacher’s guides are typically placed on the floor of the crate to avoid any warping.

How do I get to my digital resources?

Digital resources are accessed using a code sent via email when your kit is shipped. We often send the email to whoever placed the order, usually a purchaser at your school or district. If you cannot find the email, call our customer service team at 800.334.5551.

They will be able to locate the code and help you access your resources. If possible, have the order number or purchase order number available to help them locate your information quickly.

How do I know what materials need an (M)SDS?

Unit materials that require an SDS are designated in the materials list of the teacher’s guide with a dagger (†).

Where can I find (M)SDS information?

Chemical components that require SDS information (components designated in the materials list of the teacher’s guide with a dagger (†)) are available at

How can I get more information about professional development?

Read more about professional development opportunities in our professional development brochure. To set up PD, contact your regional sales manager.

How can I find my regional sales manager?

View regional sales information and identify your region's sales manager or contact us at

Where can I find the phenomena video associated with my unit?
Phenomena videos are in the digital versions of the teacher’s guides on Carolina Science Online. Select the unit from the Building Blocks of Science 3D resources matrix, then click on Lesson 1 → Lesson Overview → Phenomenon. The video is below the fold of the page. Need access to your digital resources? Get more information.
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