Building Blocks of Science


Invest in informational texts and online visual learning resources for grades K–5 to provide real-world classroom experiences that are beyond student investigation.

Print and Digital Resources:

  • Present high-interest informational text that supports the Disciplinary Core Ideas
  • Create excitement of doing and understanding science
  • Provide content reading to support Common Core ELA Standards

Support ELL and Struggling Readers

  • Reinforce content understanding
  • Provide extra practice with academic vocabulary
  • Engage with real-world science applications
Informational Texts and Online Visual Learning Resources
Informational Text for Reading and Writing

Informational Text for Reading and Writing

Enrich and enhance student learning with 19 brand-new literacy titles from the Building Blocks of Science®: A New Generation program. Designed to complement Building Blocks of Science® units, these on- and below-grade-level readers are flexible enough to add science literacy and informational text to any science or literacy program. Available in both printed soft-cover books and eBooks.

The on-level science readers:

  • Feature 16 to 24 pages of Building Blocks of Science® unit-specific science core ideas
  • Address the Next Generation Science Standards’ Science and Engineering Practices
  • Highlight NGSS Crosscutting Concepts
  • Offer on- and below-grade-level readability
  • Have kindergarten titles formatted as Big Books
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Get Interactive with Science Magnifier™!

As Science Magnifier™ helps students find out more about the science topics they are investigating, it also develops their math and literacy skills. Science Magnifier™ is available in both primary and intermediate elementary grade levels and has unique features to engage students.

3 ways to provide High-interest Informational Text for the Next Generation:

  • Print—Science Magnifier™ Hardcover resource for Primary and Intermediate Students
  • Digital—Science Magnifier™ eBook for Primary and Intermediate Students
  • Interactive—Interactive Science Magnifier™ for Intermediate Students

The Science Magnifier™ Digital eBook features:

  • Embedded activities
  • Games
  • Videos
  • Interactive whiteboard Activities
  • Online journaling
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The Science Magnifier
TigTag Science FilmsTigTag Mindmap for Elementary

Online Visual Learning

Tigtag is the complete online resource for teaching the Next Generation Science Standards in grades K–5. Tigtag’s short films, classroom visuals, practical activities, and assessment tools cover specific objectives pertaining to STEM, the Next Generation Science Standards. Using this digital resource in your classroom will enrich your current resources and Building Blocks of Science hands-on investigations. .

Each unit contains:

  • 1 or more curriculum videos
  • 1 context film
  • 4–5 shorter tidbit videos
  • Summaries of each video
  • List of main learning points
  • Extensive support materials in the Teacher Toolbox
  • Lesson plans and focus questions
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